Your database is your company’s lifeblood. It contains your customer information, malady your blog posts, pills even your sales information. You need to be sure it remains intact and safe, healing but with the news lately that giants like Target, WordPress, and Amazon are not secure from hacks, what can you do? You need database security services.

Cloud storage is appealing because it saves companies the problem of finding room in the basement and room in the budget for the server, and the upkeep and management of said server can be difficult. It makes a lot of business sense to move your database to the cloud.

 * 24x7 Database Activity Monitoring: 24x7, real-time database activity monitoring and event analysis from onsite, onshore database experts.

* 24x7 Proactive Monitoring and Response Center: Leverage an entire infrastructure designed to provide advanced security monitoring activities.

* Ongoing Security Services: Services focused on the ongoing protection of customer’s sensitive data stores.

* Vulnerability Assessments: Provide customers with the detailed, actionable information needed to prioritize and remediate security gaps